GNC claims protein bars can't be shipped to Canada?

GNC claims protein bars can't be shipped to Canada?

So, it’s like the fourth time I tried purchasing protein bars from the GNC online store. Just like every other time, the protein bars in the shopping cart are blocked from being purchased. And every time, a rep on chat support consistently insists that protein bars are on the list of items not allowed to be shipped into Canada by customs. I find this hilarious since I’ve been ordering them tons of times from several other online stores that ship into Canada no problem; and they ship tons of stuff to Canada daily. So is every other supplement site, except GNC, breaking laws and illegally shipping stuff into this country? Or is it just GNC with this ludicrous “policy”?

It’s funny too because their website even gives rates and options to ship over here. Who else encountered this with the GNC site’s store? Shipping to Canada, they’re using the same excuse that doesn’t make sense.


I’m not sure about Canada but I know Australia has some crazy permit requirements for dairy/milk products being imported into the country.

With GNC financials not doing too well, they may just be playing it really safe.


Yeah I strongly suspect the issue is with GNC themselves, and has nothing to do with import regulations. They say bars aren’t allowed to be shipped into Canada; so how is it that every other online store (where shipping into Canada is offered) is doing so? They really should just give the truthful explanation, something tells me it’s just them with this restriction.