Glaxon Neuro 365: Non-Stim Nootropic for an LTP and BDNF Boost

Originally published at: Glaxon Neuro 365: Non-Stim Nootropic for an LTP and BDNF Boost

The name Glaxon is quickly becoming one of the supplement industry’s watchwords for innovation, thanks to the science team’s commitment to staying abreast of cutting edge research and also being first to find subtle, yet powerful, tweaks that optimize extraordinarily popular formulas. Any astute observer of the industry would do… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Ox bile, WTF?!?! No thanks.

While the thought may be nasty, it’s 25mg and in a capsule.

And if @Joey_Savage uses it, it must be effective.

First of all - I can totally appreciate the yuck factor because yes - it’s fucking bile and it smells and tastes absolutely horrid, but this is why it’s in an enterically coated capsule so it doesn’t even bust until it’s well into your intestines. Ox bile is also a natural source of cholic acids including TUDCA. This works with the phospholipids to promote the formation of natural chylomicrons that can facilitate absorption of components with lower bioavailability through the body’s “second circulatory system” the lymph.

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Ok, so whoever thought it might be a good idea to test poop to see if it might help the brain? :wink:

Bile isn’t poop, it’s stomach juice, kinda

Ah my bad.

LTP and NMDA receptors? That’s exactly what we’re learning in my Synaptic Transmission course right now.