Glaxon Launches Thermal- Full Line 25% off with PRICEPLOW

I know how much you guys LOVE @Joey_Savage formulas and this one shouldn’t be any exception!

launched today, Thermal features BAIBA from NNB which we’re really excited about

Check it out here with coupon code PRICEPLOW for 25% off the whole site- great for you guys who cried about it being too expensive to try.

My suggestion is to wait for a better priced baibi product to come out, 1.80$ a serving for a stim free fat burner with only 5 ingredients is a hard sell, even if one of them is new.


There will be multiple more brands running it, but to get that 500mg dosage you’re going to be in this price range


If he really wanted me to try it he’d give 50% off :sob::sob::sob:

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Starting to see more prices coming in on these mitoburn products and this may be the most cost effective solution to getting the 500mg dosage in

I would still advise waiting, the ingredient looks interesting, but its still new, and has that premium, I can’t see a 1.80 a serving fat burner like this being worth using.

I’m hoping it comes down and doesn’t become another phosphatidic acid.

It’s actually not new, only new in its commercial availability

Guess we shall see how the consumers respond to it. The next product coming is much fuller in ingredients but significantly higher in cost

Ya, I meant new in the “people can buy this/companies are using it” sense.
I expect it to go down overtime like vaso 6 did once it starts getting used more.

For sure. I already know 3-4 more mainstream brands formulating with it and working the cost in. I think this will wave out into the industry like S7, Vaso6, etc