GIFD labs first product unveiled, its amino acids and carbs

GIFD labs first product unveiled, its amino acids and carbs


Fresh from stack3d the blend has 20 grams of an unknown blend of carbs(7.5 of those being sugar), 5 grams of amino acids, 2 grams of, potentially, glycerol monosterate and something else(likely phosphoserine), and is being sold as a postworkout.

Frankly it is way less exciting then he hyped up, and looking at the amount of fat there is a large chance there is barely any phosphoserine in the product, even the aminos have lots of potential for filler, with taurine, alanine, and glutamine in the back.


Jerry Ward is behind this brand. He is clueless. I would never listen to his advice on training or nutrition, and definitely wouldn’t buy his product.


Formula is cringe-worthy at best. So underwhelming compared to his hype behind it being so innovative. Would not buy/10.


gotta give it to him though, he was really building hype


It’s tough to get excited about a post workout.

I have an idea for a post workout ingredient that someone should do if nobody has yet. Buried in a 35 minute video I recorded that isn’t out yet!!


Why do you tease us like this…


I wouldn’t buy that crap profile


This is the product he said he needed to test out himself for months? This is the product that is so innovative that he actually said he was proud about putting it in a proprietary blend?

In one video he said “I see these little holes in the industry and my idea is to fill in these little holes”. So he comes out with a simple post-workout product? I like PS, but there was no “hole” for post-workout products.


Writing this because 'lol" is not enough characters for a post


Isn’t that the most annoying thing…


Seems he has ratings and comments disabled for the announcement video
I wonder why.
2$ a serving as well, I struggle to see why you would use this over another post workout and just add the glycerol/PS if you really wanted that.