Giant Sports ThyroTwin - 90 Capsules for $6.90 at!

Giant Sports ThyroTwin - 90 Capsules for $6.90 at!


Giant Sports ThyroTwin - 90 Capsules for $6.90 at!

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ThyroTwin is an advanced thyroid-boosting supplement with two thyroid metabolites: 3,5-diiodo-L-thyronine (at 175mcg per dose), and 3,3’-diiodo-L-thyronine (at 25mcg per dose). It is difficult for companies to get quality supplies of both of these, but you can get them here.

This is normally stacked with Dexamine, with one capsule taken at a time, and the appetite suppression is phenomenal! But ThyroTwin can be taken with nearly any other non-thyroid supplement by dieters, including pre workout supplements.

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This stuff is very well reviewed on SR. Anyone have any personal experience with it?


I think deal is done. Showing up as $12.00 on amazon now


Scroll to the bottom, the store has poor feedback though.


Suppresses my appetite like a mofo. No clue why. I don’t need a ton of help in that department though


No kidding. Eat any less, and you’re likely to lose a dimension.


Also if I sleep any less… I’m a mess I admit it