Giant Sports Giant Keto Takes BHB Salts to the Next Level

The keto diet has been consistently trending for years thanks to the wild success it’s had with dieters where no other diet has worked. Keto diets are quite literally life-savers for certain individuals, such as the obese, the overly carb sensitive, and even bodybuilders who are in the final throes …
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I am a short person and weigh 120 lbs.. My goal is to lose 10 pounds, so I started taking half a scoop yesteryday with mct oil pills, after one day lost 1.2 lbs and my energy is awesome. Supresses the appetite also.. I feel really good about this supplement.. Hope I continue to lose weight and feel this good every day.

Awesome! There was definitely a good bit of water weight loss within the first week of moving into this diet for me, even when keeping calories at maintenance (2400 for me). Not complaining -- Inflammation begone.

But I'd like to make it clear that I don't preach this supplement as a "weight loss supplement". It's more of a low carb weight loss "support supplement".