Giant Sports Delicious Protein Elite – No Free Form Aminos!

Giant Sports’ Delicious Protein Powder came under a lot of heat last year with regards to protein claims, which we went into great detail here. Needless to say, there was a massive public outcry and bashing of Giant Sports and their “delicious” tasting protein. Determined to win back their disillusioned …
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As a former user and lover of Delicious vanilla I was pissed as f**k when I found out that they lied about their protein content. Ever since their protein was released I must have gone through hundreds HUNDREDS of those vanilla tubs and always told people how delicious it was. HUNDREDS of dollars in the garbage for half the protein that it said it contained. Reformulated or not, I will never again spend a cent on their products. And every chance that someone asks me about best protein I will make sure I tell them which I think is the best and how Giant literally fu*ked us fans.

I'm 100% with you. I still have 3 unopened tubs of it. I emailed the company asking if I could return them to the company and be reimbursed based on the lawsuit. The Chief Product Formulator, Bruce Kneller responded with "If you have receipts you can return them to your point of purchase, that's about it." What a garbage company. Like you, I too will not only avoid purchasing their products but I will alert others not to buy them.