Giant RUSH: Straight Stim Pre Workout by Giant Sports

Giant RUSH: Straight Stim Pre Workout by Giant Sports

Update: Giant Rush is now in America! See the updated label below! Regular readers of our blog have no doubt seen the four letters D-M-H-A showing up on rather frequently as of late. We’ve seen a rash of new pre workouts hitting the market that include this stimulant due to …
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Thanks for the write up. Can't wait to be able to try it.


I notice that the same exact study found SILDENAFIL in the same exact plant extract.

So this same study proves that SILDENAFIL is truly found in nature. What does that say about the veracity of this study?


Who is to say its not naturally occurring Anthony? A lot of moieties that eventually become drugs are plant based. The study was peer reviewed and published in a journal that has no skin in the dietary supplement industry ( The study was undertaken at a university
(Griffin University) in a 1st World Country (Australia). The HPLC and MS
Analyses on the extracts were done - according to the study - using state of
the art equipment: Agilent 1290 with a Zorbax Exclipse column. The data
was analysed via Masshunter with a robust exclusion list to rule out background noise. Compounds eluted were screened against three distinct databases encompassing a total of 33,927 unique chemicals! If you have issues with the "veracity" of the study then perhaps you should start by contacting the listed contact author of the study and discuss it with him.
There are several ways to contact the authors so if you have doubts?
Contact and ask them - good place to start.

I encourage you to do so. :-)

You should also realize that kigelia extracts have previously demonstrated
CNS stimulatory effects in mammals (as well as being a putative
sperm booster and improving sexual dysfunction in male humans - sildenafil?).

See: http://www.academicjournals... &
http://www.stuartxchange.or... (among others)