Ghost Wins GNC's 2019 Partner of the Year Award

Ghost Wins GNC's 2019 Partner of the Year Award

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Earlier this week, GNC hosted its annual Global Conference and Franchise Show in Nashville, TN. Those who follow the industry and its magnates on social media saw several flights, videos, photo ops, and speeches posted to the feeds and stories over the past few days. One image especially caught our… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

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In regards to the statement in the blog post of “Their products aren’t even to be listed at Amazon!”

While not sold directly by Ghost, a quick keyword search will show many of their products (Legend, BCAAs, Size, Whey etc.) available for purchase on Amazon from various sellers.

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Same with Ebay. Anyone who buys from direct or GNC can relist on major websites


Yes, that’s exactly what I was trying to convey to @Mike , thinking he may want to revise that line/section for future readers.

Those who don’t pay attention to the seller’s name on Amazon may think they are purchasing direct from the brand. If they then have a bad experience, Ghost would likely take the hit even though they had nothing to do with the transaction.

Plus the prices on Amazon are mostly higher than the list prices on the Ghost website for the same item and that’s before the 20% PricePlow discount :thinking:


Amazon can do that due to Amazon Prime, you save a good $8 or so on shipping from Ghost Direct.


Yes thanks Devin, fixed!!

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prob another cost they should have cut.

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Yep. Pay $15-$20 more per item just to save $8 on shipping. Seems like a smart financial decision!? TAKE MY MONEY…PLEASE :joy:

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I see it all the time. We run countless deals at Campus far cheaper then amazon, but people rather pay for Amazon just because they are so used to it (Even if they have to pay shipping at campus).

Same applies to Ghost and their deals. People don’t want to look to save a few bucks they rather just go to their source.

Whatever floats their boat.

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And earn Ghost rewards points. : )

I’ve git 17k stocked up from the last 2yrs. :smiling_imp:


dats allota sticker packs.

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I got over 10k in ghost
and 20k at campus. for $40 off any product Which reminds me. Your Orange slice I ordered for you should be there tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Or shoe bags.


Every court document he submits is going to have a “Your Mom” sticker on it to prove authenticity.

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Probably not. But maybe on some client files.

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billable hours paid in Ghost Bucks


Hahah. A year ago I’d allow it.