Ghost Whey Review #4! Fruity Cereal & Chocolate Tasting

Ghost Whey Review #4! Fruity Cereal & Chocolate Tasting



Mike thought BTP was the worst possible protein?!?!

Shit tasted amazing. PB Cereal Milk does as well. Those are the only two I buy after trying and using all the others so far.


Blueberry is my #1 from them. But it does have a sweet and tart flavor to it (Blueberries should be tart when fresh). The sweetness from the chunks throws people off, but you have to expect that since they are poptart pastry pieces. It was meant to be that way, but it is not everyone cup of tea.

I have to 100% Agree on the video. I do not care for their chocolate , and the FCM is a trix replica.
The best way to use the milk chocolate is go half and half with regular cereal milk to make a Chocolate Cereal Milk.


Count Chocula please


Haha Ghost’s flavors are so polarizing. I felt like I was drinking tart, old yogurt.