Ghost Vegan Gingerbread Cookie Review

Ghost Vegan Gingerbread Cookie

Gingerbread Cookie – Gingerbread is a very unique flavor that refers to a broad category of spices. The vegan flavor from Ghost has an initial earthly flavor found from all-vegan raw materials but is soon presented by a surmounting amount of brown sugar, molasses, and clove. The way the brand can capture the correct ratio of spices leaves a bold initial flavor with a dense cinnamon aftertaste. The profound taste is noticed even when the powder is mixed as a protein shake or made into a pudding. If you are a fan of a gingersnap cookie this will be a limited-edition flavor you won’t want to miss.

Due to the raw materials of Ghost Vegan, you will use more water or milk compared to whey. I suggest 10-12 oz per scoop due to the thickness of the vegan base.

I prefer to use vegan protein as a pudding since it creates a large volume that is incredibly satisfying and easy to make. Add protein to a bowl and slowly add water or almond milk to the desired thickness.

November 26th


Per Scoop
120 Calories
2g Fat
6g Carbs
20g Protein

12g Pea Protein Concentrate
5.5g Organic Pumpkin Protein
2.5g Watermelon Seed Protein


Some other “Gingerbread cookie” flavors of products seem to be glorified cinnamons. As a brown sugar and molasses lover, I’m really hoping Ghost went for a more authentic angle – which your review here seems to suggest. If so… :fire:.

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They capture all angles. It’s very well done.
There is no earthly or vegan flavor upon the first sip which is pretty damn good. It definitely has a unique flavor.


Just got my bundle in the mail today, complete with a cookie cutter. The flavor is anything but, though – truly some next-level execution that captures many different aspects of a true gingerbread cookie, much like you described.

Ghost Vegan continues to impress :100:


I LOVE this protein. Lol choc cereal milk and the PB flavors are delicious🤷🏽‍♀️ Also FYI that’s not an abnormal label for stuff that comes out of California.