Ghost Vegan Chocolate Cereal Milk

Ghost Chocolate Cereal Milk

Chocolate Cereal Milk – Chocolate Cereal Milk has a mixture of Cocoa Pebbles and Count Chocula Cereal. Upon my first taste, the cocoa flavor is present and strikes your taste buds instantly. Then a milk chocolate flavor soon compliments the luscious cocoa flavor to make a hybrid nesquick and dark chocolate mixture… This is not like many companies who try and shoot for a single based chocolate flavor. The depth it provides even for being a vegan product packs an initial milk chocolate taste with a backend of dark chocolate to make it extremely satisfying. If you love the leftover cereal from a chocolate-based cereal, Ghost delivers yet again on their Vegan line.



The texture is smooth when mixed as a shake, but again I would not compare it to any dairy-based products. It still does have a sort of grainy-ness that tells you for sure ‘yes, this is definitely vegan, but that is to be expected. I suggest more water or liquid when mixing with a vegan protein due to the thickness it provides.


One of my favorite ways to mix protein is with greek yogurt or just enough water to make “Protein Pudding” or “Sludge”. Vegan options tend to be on the thicker side and that holds true with Ghost Vegan. No issues when mixing with either options as long as you find a proper powder to water/yogurt ratio.


Per Scoop

120 Calories

2g Fat

6g Carbs

20g Protein

Ghost Vegan features the same formula as across the board with a blend of pea, organic pumpkin, and watermelon seed protein providing 20g of protein per serving.


  • Open-Label

  • Transparency

  • Gluten & Soy Free

  • Rich and Dense Chocolate Flavor

Nice review. I haven’t tried Ghost’s vegan proteins yet, but after falling in love with some of Nutrex’s and Ambrosia’s flavors, it’s exciting to see how vegan proteins are putting the rest of the industry on notice.

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Nutrex is right to the top same with BEAM

have you tried making sludge with the vegan nutrex?

That is like asking if bob likes ice cream… LOL
Thats my go to!

Sludge is my 99% way of using protein powders. I do shakes for reviews because that is how most people consume powders.

Nutrex Cinnamon Cookies is GOAT, followed by German Chocolate, and vanilla IMO
Beam is very good tho… The blueberry is solid. I am gonna get some samples of the chocolate to try as well.

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This has been my ‘go to’ for a while now. With the exception of Eighty:20 which I enjoy as a ‘shake’.

Not that you asked.

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I find that making “sludge” or “frosting/glaze” via just using a small amount of milk or water just really amplifies the “artificial” taste of most proteins in a really unpleasant way.

Greek yogurt is usually p good though.

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I find the exact opposite.
Taste is surly subjective!

yup! I only use protein powder for protein ice cream! Can’t remember the last time I actually had a shake and I got a sample of the german chocolate Nutrex at one of my competitions in the fall so I’ll have to try it out soon

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