Ghost Size x MAXX Sour Strips Rainbow Candy

Ghost Size V2 x MAXX


Rainbow Candy Sour Strips - The rainbow candy sour strips are identical to the candy in flavor. A delicious mix of sour, tangy, and fruity flavors is mixed. Personally, for me, it isn’t that sour. If you have tried the Warheads off the Ghost line it is nowhere near as dense as that sour. What I do like is how the flavors mesh between a Skittles and gummy bear hybrid. The one little thing I would nitpick is I would like a touch more density in flavor. While this is very spot on to the candy, I just have a very high tolerance for sour. This is going to be a very good flavor as it will be around for a limited time.


Ghost Size mixes with ease. I used around 10-12oz of water for 1 scoop of the product. I did not see any leftover powder sitting at the bottom or clumps in my shaker bottle. No problems to note here.

September 9th, 2023


5g Creapure Creatine (Strength, Recovery, Endurance, Performance)
3.2g Tingle Reduced Beat-Alanine (Endurance, Performance, Recovery)
400mg BetaPrime (Subdue BA Tingles, Smooth out caffeine half-life)
2.5g Betaine (Power & Performance)
200mg Epicatechin (Endurance and Strength)
50mg Astragin (Uptake of ingredients)
50mg Senactiv (Increase V02 max, recovery, and energy)