Ghost Size/Creatine Question

Random thought/question…but are you guy’s taking your Creatine before or after workout? I’m thinking in terms of the pre’s that do not have Creatine. Considering Ghost Size and perhaps Green Magnitude…and as always…asking for a friend.


Look up Massive Joes vlog on creatine timing on YouTube, it simply cannot be better said


Says a man with a gun…I better look…kidding and thank you


"As Creatine is stored in the body, you can take it any time. While some personal trainers recommend taking it after a workout, this has no difference in uptake.

You may wish to not take it with caffeine at the same time, as they may possibly counteract each other when taken at the same time. Taking caffeine after creatine ingestion on the other hand can be very ergogenic."

(Patel, 2012)


Awesome…thank you GD…


I use Ghost size. Take it with BCAAs when I have about 6-8 sets left in my workout.

I prefer Creatine intraworkout. I feel like it helps hydrate/volumize my muscles, which helps when you start to flatten out and lose the pump.

Of course there is no evidence that it matters, but studies suggest there is a slight benefit to taking to post-workout versus pre-workout.


Do you use the flavored variety? I may mix it with Intracell based on that.

And random thought but how do you determine the size of a ghost?


How to determine the size of a ghost? Excellent question.
If a standard pokeball won’t catch it, I assume it is a fairly decent sized Haunter or Gengar, and then should warrant a greatball or ultraball.

As far as the supplement, I use the non-flavored variety. That way it won’t counter against the flavor of BCAAs I use. Sometimes they work well together - but you know how it goes.


Take it anytime with a prefferably high carb meal, insulin helps the creatine go where it needs to. A GDA also helps, just avoid ones with “ala” or you will be breaking muscletech’s patent :stuck_out_tongue:.


Take it whenever, doesn’t matter as there is no variable that will make any difference. I have taken flavored creatine intra as to have something other than water but not at $40 a bottle. Ripoff for creatine


I just can’t pay that price for creatine. I get it has added things as well but i’ll pass for that price. But if it works for people then good for them :+1:

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Totally agree - if someone has the cash and wants to try it, it’s neat. It’s definitely not necessary though and anyone who can’t aacrifice the money should stick with bulk mono.

I will say the full yield per serving is appreciated.

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Furthermore, about about half of the total body pool of creatine is obtained via diet, and the other half is synthesized. Assuming the high-end of the 1-2g/day intake via diet, and another 2g/day via synthesis, that gives 4g/day to reach 60-80% saturation. Let’s assume 60%, as that will give us a larger required dose to reach saturation via supplementation. So if 4g gets us to 60% saturation, we need another 2.67g to reach saturation, which makes a lot more sense than 27g, and it is consistent with the literature consensus/recommendation of ~3g/day.

he total creatine pool (PCr + Cr) in the muscle averages about 120 mmol/kg of dry muscle mass for a 70 kg individual [7]. However, the upper limit of creatine storage appears to be about 160 mmol/kg of dry muscle mass in most individuals [7, 8]. About 1–2% of intramuscular creatine is degraded into creatinine (metabolic byproduct) and excreted in the urine [7, 9, 10]. Therefore, the body needs to replenish about 1–3 g of creatine per day to maintain normal (unsupplemented) creatine stores depending on muscle mass. About half of the daily need for creatine is obtained from the diet [11]. For example, a pound of uncooked beef and salmon provides about 1–2 g of creatine [9]. The remaining amount of creatine is synthesized primarily in the liver and kidneys from arginine and glycine by the enzyme arginine:glycine amidinotransferase (AGAT) to guanidinoacetate (GAA), which is then methylated by guanidinoacetate N-methyltransferase (GAMT) using S-adenosyl methionine to form creatine (see Fig. 1) [12].

Clinical dosage shows 2.5-6 grams a day is enough depending on body weight, this applies to most forms of creatine alone or combined. After about a month you’ll reach saturation, then you can take it 4-5x a week to maintain saturation. Anything more once you reach what you’re body can store, will be excreted.

  • Do I need to load creatine? (Loading: Taking more than 5-6 grams creatine for 1 week)

No. It is not necessary, you’ll reach saturation quicker but this might result in gastrointestinal issues and the so called “bloating” (Water retention).

  • What’s the best form of creatine?

Creatine monohydrate is the most researched, proved and cheapest form. There are other like creatine HCL or Magnesium creatine chelate that may provide additional benefits and have other characteristics, make sure you research before purchasing.

  • Best time to take Creatine?
    Take it anytime, the body will be saturated over time and there will be minimal effects on dosing and timing. The body will continually create ATP which will be utilized throughout the body. There many be minimal effects or positives dosed around a workout but that is micromanaging.

I was specifically told there would be no thinking…

Thank you BK…

As what has already been stated, it doesn’t matter when you take it but as long as you take it. This is why I always suggest around your workout, either before or after so this will help you remember to take it. I personally take it before but like I said, it really doesn’t matter. 3-5 grams is plenty.
Personally I would stay away from all those flavored creatines, they are not cost effective. You can just take regular creatine monohydrate and get much more bang for your back and its proven effective.
Also no need to do a loading phase. Unnecessary.


For some reason your friend is always thinking… Just sayin’


And I appreciate it.

What creatine do you use?

I was using some myprotein creatine monohydrate, but I think it’s expired( the label is all scratched out so I can’t confirm). I get these odd headaches when I use it.

I typically use MyProtein as well. When did you buy it?