Ghost Pump MAXX Sour Pink Lemonade Review

Ghost Pump MAXX Sour Pink Lemonade

Sour Pink Lemonade – The Sour Pink Lemonade flavor from Maxx v3 has now made a return in Ghost Pump. The idea came from Maxx’s sour candy company: Sour Strips” He did a limited-edition Pink Lemonade Sour Strips flavor in the summer that sold out in no time. The flavoring is a lusciously sweet and tangy regular lemonade flavor with an extra kick of sweetness just like his candy. When Legend v3 rolled out it was one of my favorite flavors. Good thing it is now back in Ghost Pump for a limited time.

Ghost Pump is a very fine powder and mixes with ease. Upon shaking a few times, it is almost fully dissolved. I tried this product with 1-2 scoops in 12-24oz of water, and each time the taste was strong and pure. I would suggest 8-10oz for most consumers who like a strong flavor and 12-14oz if you like a refreshing flavor. Even if you do not have a blender ball, I don’t see this giving any issues with clumps or floating particles in your shaker cup.

Wednesday, October 6th
12 PM Central
1 PM Eastern


Per 2 Scoops:
6g of L-Citrulline (Full dose for lactic acid prevention and pumps)
3g Arginine Nitrate (Pumps, Performance, Endurance)
2g Taurine (Pumps, Performance, Endurance)
390mg PureWay C (Prevent nitrate tolerance buildup and antioxidant effect)
200mg Pine Bark Extract (Absorption / Plasma Levels)
200mg Setria L-Glutathione (Enhance Nitric Oxide Levels)
50mg Astragin (Absorption)

Changes from V1:
Dropped L-Norvaline and Glycersize
Increase Citrulline & Arginine Nitrate
Add Purway Vitamin C & Setria L-Glutathione