Ghost Protein RTD's Review

Ghost Protein RTD’s


Chips Ahoy –The protein itself tastes like you’re drinking the leftover milk after letting a cookie submerge for a few moments. There are no chunks of chocolate chips inside of the protein RTD like you would get from the regular protein tub. If you are a fan of the chips ahoy protein powder Ghost was able to capture that same flavor into the pre-made drink without the cookie inclusions. There is a slight buttery undertone from a fresh-baked cookie into the RTD base as it honestly brought me back to my childhood days of drinking the leftover milk after a bowl of cookie crisp cereal.

Cereal Milk – If you are a fan of captain crunch this is the exact replicate made into a ready-to-drink protein shake. The best way to explain this flavor is by drinking leftover milk after a bowl of cereal. The initial taste has the captain crunch flavoring, then the sweet milk taste is very potent in the aftertaste. It is amazing how well Ghost can carry over the regular protein powder into the ready-to-drink beverages.

Where can you find Ghost Protein RTD’s?

Ghost RTD shakes are coming soon. There is no exact ETA or location where they will be distributed. Keep an eye on the Ghost Instagram (@GhostLifeStyle) and Youtube Channel for further information.


Per RTD:
Calories – 160
Protein – 25g
Carbs – 5-6g
Fat – 4-4.5g

15g Protein from Milk Isolate
10g Protein from Whey Concentrate

** Ghost Whey is a blend of WPC (Whey Protein Concentration),
WPH (Whey Protein Hydrosolate),
WPI (Whey Protein Isolate)
WPI delivering 12.5g protein
WPC delivering 10g protein
WPH delivering 2.5g protein


Thanks for the review. Looking forward to this.

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Any idea what the price point will be?

As stated in the video that information is unknown ATM.
Once we know more from Ghost’s social media platform we will have a better understanding.

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How’d you buy some for the review if its not out yet?


It’s all about that base :slightly_smiling_face: .