Ghost Ocean Water Amino Review

Ghost Amino Ocean Water

Ocean Water – Ocean Water is a mixture of pina colada, coconut, and a sprite soda that has a blue color to it. The initial burst is a mixture of grapefruit, sprite soda, and a luscious pineapple flavor. The unique array of flavors is blistering on your tastebuds as the backend of coconut provides a dense complementing touch. Ocean Water is one of Sonic’s top-selling drinks, and just like Cherry Limeade Ghost decided to bring this flavor across multiple products on their lineup.

Ghost Amino mixes with ease. I used around 10-12oz of water for 1 scoop of the product. I did not see any left-over powder sitting at the bottom or clumps inside my shaker bottle. Amino is very light in nature and mixes with a breeze.


June 23rd
12 PM Central
1 PM Eastern


Per 2 Scoops:
5.5g EAA (Essential Amino Acids)
4.5g BCAA (Branch Chain Amino Acids)
2g Taurine (Recovery, Performance, Hydration)
1g Raw Coconut Water Powder (Hydration)
500mg Aquamin (Recovery and Hydration)
50mg Astragin (Increase uptake of ingredient profile)

Best times to take Amino:
With meals that lack adequate leucine (3-5g)
Between meals spaced 4-6 hours apart to spike Muscle Protein Synthesis (MPS)
During a workout for recovery and hydration.