Ghost Legend v3 SPK Strawberry Lemonade

Ghost Legend V3 Sour Patch Kids Strawberry Lemonade

Sour Patch Kids Strawberry Lemonade – This is a brand-new flavor launching on Sour Candy Day for 2023. Strawberry Lemonade brings the best of both worlds with the dense and luscious Strawberry flavor from Strawberry Kiwi and the lemonade aspect from Pink Lemonade. The strawberry is ripe, rich, and packs a punch as the lemonade plays the backend flavor. The lemonade provides the refreshing zest and zing you would expect from a true lemonade drink, but it is slightly overpowered by the initial strawberry flavoring. The ratio is a touch heavier on the strawberry side, but the sweet and sour-combination from the Sour Patch Kids collaboration really makes this flavor pop.

The ghost pre-workout is very light and mixes with ease. Upon shaking 5-10 times it is almost fully dissolved. I tried this product with 1 scoop in 8-10oz of water, and each time the taste was strong and pure. Even if you do not have a blender ball I don’t see this giving any issues with clumps or floating particles in your shaker cup.

Tuesday, July 18th
12 PM Central
1 PM Eastern


Per 1 Scoop:
4g L-Citrulline – Pumps, Delay lactic acid buildup
3.2g Beta-Alanine – Recovery and endurance
1.5g Nitrosigine - Assist with pumps
500mg VitaCholine Choline Bitartrate – Cognitive Enhancer for mood, energy, and extending caffeine half-life.
250mg Natural Caffeine - Natural stimulant providing a steadier rise in energy
100mg Theobromine – Cognitive enhancer
100mg NeuroFactor – Cognitive Enhancer for memory, learning, and thinking
50mg Astragin – Improve uptake of ingredients

Changes – From v2 to V3
2 Scoop to 1 Scoop Serving
Remove 50mg Senactiv
Remove 600mg Alpha GPC
Remove 1g Taurine
Remove 1g L-Tyrosine
Remove 1.5mg Rauwolfia

Add 500mg VitaCholine Choline Bitartrate
Add 100mg Neurofactor