Ghost Legend Space Jam Monstars

Ghost Legend Space Jam Monstars


Monstars – The flavor for Monstars is a limeade flavor with additions of different fruits. The brand decided to enhance the nostalgic flavor that evoked the green monster and had fun in the lab with this one. The initial flavor presents a dense lemon-lime that is soon presented with a backend melody of fruit punch. The array of fruity flavors and rich limeade flavor go hand in hand to make a tropical fruit punch. While it’s not like drinking pure Kool-Aid it’s not far off. Ghost is very picky about putting a product on the market. This one is truly unique with how many different flavors hit the taste buds that leave you guessing what the true flavor is. If you enjoy an assortment of flavors and enjoy limeade this limited-edition flavor will be a must-have.

The ghost pre-workout is very light and mixes with ease. Upon shaking 5-10 times it is almost fully dissolved. I tried this product with 1-2 scoops in 12-24oz of water, and each time the taste was strong and pure. Even if you do not have a blender ball I don’t see this giving any issues with clumps or floating particles in your shaker cup.

Wednesday, November 10th
12 PM Central
1 PM Eastern


Per 2 Scoops:
6g Full Yield Citrulline - Pumps, Delay lactic acid buildup

  • 4.52g L-Citrulline
  • 1.48g Citrulline Nitrate
    3.2g Beta Alanine – Recovery, Endurance, Performance
    2.5g Betaine – Power & Performance
    50mg Senactive – Improve VO2 Max, endurance, and performance
    300mg Alpha GPC – Increase focus and mental clarity
    2g L-Tyrosine – Enhance memory, mood, and focus
    350mg Caffeine Anhydrous - Stimulant
    100mg Theobromine – Cognitive Enhancer for Focus, Mood, and Energy
    60 mg Bitter Orange Extract (Synephrine)– Improve learning, memory, and thinking
    50mg Astragin – Improve uptake of ingredients

Changes From CGv4 Legend:

  •   Added 3.2g Beta Alanine
  •   Removed 2g Taurine
  •   Increased Caffeine from 300mg to 350mg