Ghost Legend All Out Orange Cream Review

Ghost Legend All Out Orange Cream Review


Orange Cream - The flavor is a pleasantly accurate recreation of an orange creamsicle mixture into a powdered product. It’s got some sweetness to it, without being overwhelming, and manages to nail the creamy flavor of the beloved summer treat. It tastes more in line with a subtle backend cream with a stronger initial orange flavor. If you were a fan of Tunes Squad from Space Jam think about that initial taste with a modest backend of cream. Ghost is bringing one of their top selling energy drink flavors into the powder side of production.


The ghost pre-workout is very light and mixes with ease. Upon shaking 5-10 times it is almost fully dissolved. I tried this product with 1 scoop in 12-16oz of water, and each time the taste was strong and pure. Even if you do not have a blender ball I don’t see this giving any issues with clumps or floating particles in your shaker cup.


Wednesday, January 3rd
12 PM Central
1 PM Eastern


6g Full Yield Citrulline - Pumps, Delay lactic acid buildup

  • 4.52g L-Citrulline
  • 1.48g Citrulline Nitrate
    3.2g Beta Alanine – Recovery, Endurance, Performance
    2.5g Betaine – Power & Performance
    2g L-Tyrosine – Enhance memory, mood, and focus
    600mg Alpha GPC (Yield 300mg) – Increase focus and mental clarity
    400mg Caffeine
    300mg Caffeine Anhydrous -
    100mg Caffeine Extended Release (zumXR)
    100mg Theobromine – Cognitive Enhancer for Focus, Mood, and Energy
    60 mg Bitter Orange Extract (Synephrine)– Improve learning, memory, and thinking
    50mg Astragin – Improve uptake of ingredients

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