Ghost Hydration RTD's Review

Ghost Hydration RTD Review:


Sour Patch Kids Redberry – The contrast of sour and sweet is perfect. The luscious redberry candy where the flavors go hand in hand with an ideal ratio to provide the true flavor of sour patch kids. Given how well Ghost was able to replicate this flavor among their product line the flavoring in the RTD is just as good as you would expect from the powders.

Kiwi Strawberry – Kiwi Strawberry strikes a fine balance of both flavors as they mesh without either overpowering each other. At first, you get a strong strawberry flavor that meets a backend kiwi flavor. The light and satisfying strawberry meet a bold and pure kiwi flavor.

Lemon Lime – Lemon Lime reminds me a lot of the CG flavors. This strikes a fine balance of lemon lime Gatorade with a hint of zest that you would find in a Citrus based flavor. The combination provides a happy medium and delicious flavor.

Orange Squeeze – This flavor reminds me of a RTD tang beverage with minimal calories but packs the dense and robust orange flavor. While this is not an over-the-top orange flavor it strikes balance to give you a nice and sweet replica in an on the go hydration based bottle.

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Per RTD:
Calories ~ 10
Carbs – 3g

900mg Electrolytes
700mg potassium (Electrolytes)
126mg magnesium (Electrolytes)
60mg calcium (Support bodily functions)
40mg of sodium (Electrolytes)
500mg Aquamin (Hydration, Quench thirst)
50mg Senactiv (Performance, Recovery, Hydration)
90mg Vitamin C (Antioxidant)