Ghost Hydration RTD SPK Blue Raspberry

Ghost Hydration RTD SPK Blue Raspberry


Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry - Ghost is very good at replicating the famous Sour Patch Kids candy into their products. The blueberry flavor is pure, nothing artificial, and has a strong long-lasting after taste. Right out of the gate the density of the flavor hits your taste buds and leaves a lingering slightly tarter raspberry taste that is incredibly ripe. While this is not an overpowering flavor, the brand found a happy medium to enjoy a hydration RTD. If you enjoy a luscious blue raspberry flavor this one really fits the bill.


May 6th
Rolling out to stores

Publix, Kroger, GNC, VS, etc.


Per RTD:
Calories ~ 10
Carbs – 3g

900mg Electrolytes
700mg potassium (Electrolytes)
126mg magnesium (Electrolytes)
60mg calcium (Support bodily functions)
40mg of sodium (Electrolytes)
500mg Aquamin (Hydration, Quench thirst)
50mg Senactiv (Performance, Recovery, Hydration)
90mg Vitamin C (Antioxidant)

Lookin good Bob! Do you age ???