Ghost Greens: The Legends Foray Into Overall Health and Wellness

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Ghost is gearing up for another big year! The sports supplement industry is an extremely fluid fixture, covering a broad range of needs and desires while remaining flexible and malleable. There are products built with various specific purposes in mind, some of which seem unrelated, or even contradictory, on the… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

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Love this formula. Will definitely be ordering on launch day.


Ill give one a whirl too!


Nice I’ll probably give this a shot too. Greens + probiotics + enzymes. Perfect for me


@Mike @Extrabeef
It also introduces a few individual extracts onto the label, such as coffee arabica, green tea , and apple , which work to further round out the effects of Ghost Greens.
Organic Matcha 500mg

I assume there is no caffeine with the coffee arabica or green tea correct?

it’ll be super low but that % of caffeine is always there

From Dan – Owner of Ghost
Spectra Contains .5mg per 100mg so it is negligible – This is public information on spectra