Ghost Greens Review

Ghost Greens


Original – This flavor is very unique as it has a clear earthly flavor, sort of like tea. There is a slight sweetness from whole leaf stevia. Usually, stevia is associated with a very bitter aftertaste, which Ghost was able to mask very well. The addition of monk fruit does provide a subtle aftertaste that is soothing and refreshing to sip on

Lime – For greens, this flavor is as good as it comes. The lime is very refreshing and never has an overbearing sweetness associated with it. Ghost is able to capture the tart, acidic taste with just a slight hint of sweetness. Even with a heavy raw active profile the distinct zesty sour flavor it felt in the backend of the aftertaste.

Greens are known to be notorious for clumping and bad mixability. Ghost Greens, on the other hand, does a good job of combating that common problem. When mixed up it does leave some particles and at the bottom of your shaker, but that is going to be inevitable with such a complex Greens formula. The way Ghost can make a large raw active greens profile shows the amount of quality control the company put into formulating this product. I used 1 scoop in around 16-24oz of water, which tends to be a sweet spot for myself with most greens powders.


6.64g Combination of fruits and greens

  • 4.3g Greens (Vitamins & Minerals)
  • 2.2g Reds (Health & Wellness)
    100mg Spectra Blend (Antioxidant benefit of Fruits & Veggies)
    2g of prebiotic fiber (Enhance Digestion Health)
    10 billion CFUs probiotics providing (Improve Gut Health)
    ** Clinical 5 Billion-CFU DE111 results in a significant effect on gut microflora
    110mg BioCore digestive enzyme blend (Break Down & Absorb Nutrients)


  • Open-Label
  • Transparency
  • Massive Dose of Greens & Reds
  • Clinical 5 Billion CFU DE111 Dose
  • Probiotics & Enzyme Blend