Ghost Greens Pink Lemonade Review

Ghost Greens Pink Lemonade


Pink Lemonade - Pink Lemonade the lemonade flavor is very prominent during the first sip for a greens flavor. Pink lemonade has a different taste than regular lemonade due to the inclusion of cranberry or raspberry additives that give it a citrus fruit-like taste. The zest and tart are just right, this flavor is incredibly refreshing. If you are looking for a very refreshing greens flavor this one fits the bill.


Greens are known to be notorious for clumping and bad mixability. Ghost Greens, on the other hand, does a good job of combating that common problem. When mixed up it does leave some particles at the bottom of your shaker, but that is going to be inevitable with such a complex Greens formula. The way Ghost can make a large raw active greens profile shows the amount of quality control the company put into formulating this product. I used 1 scoop in around 16-24oz of water, which tends to be a sweet spot for me with most greens powders.


February 14th
12 PM Central
1 PM Eastern


6.64g Combination of fruits and greens

  • 4.3g Greens (Vitamins & Minerals)
  • 2.2g Reds (Health & Wellness)
    100mg Spectra Blend (Antioxidant benefit of Fruits & Veggies)
    2g of prebiotic fiber (Enhance Digestion Health)
    10 billion CFUs probiotics providing (Improve Gut Health)
    ** Clinical 5 Billion-CFU DE111 results in a significant effect on gut microflora
    110mg BioCore digestive enzyme blend (Break Down & Absorb Nutrients)
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