Ghost Gamer Ocean Water Review

Ghost Gamer Ocean Water

Taste - Ocean Water – This is the second collaboration between Sonic and Ghost. Ocean Water is a mixture of pina colada, coconut, and a sprite soda that has a blue color to it. The initial burst is a mixture of a grapefruit, sprite soda, and a luscious pineapple flavor. The unique array of flavors is blistering on your tastebuds as the backend of coconut provides a dense complementing touch. I will say this flavor is different, and for those who truly enjoy sprite, grapefruit, coconut, or a pina colada this will be a home run. Ocean Water is one of Sonic’s top-selling drinks, and just like Cherry Limeade Ghost decided to bring this flavor to their product lineup.

Mix -

Ghost Gamer mixes with ease. When mixed in a shaker cup or blender bottle it dissolves fairly easily. There is no clumping of particles floating when mixed after a few shakes. It did leave a touch of foam but that went away very quickly. I see no issue with mixing this product as Ghost is very good with Mixability across the board.


Thursday, March 18th

1 PM Eastern
12 PM Central

Formula -

Per 2 Scoops:

1.6g NooLVL (Inositol Enhanced Bonded Arginine Silicate) – increase performance, accuracy, speed, decision-making, and reaction time

1g Taurine (Improve Performance & Energy Levels)

1g L-Tyrosine (Cognitive Enhancer)

500mg Cognizin Citicoline (Nootropic / Cognitive Enhancer)

500mg Raw Coconut Water Powder (Hydration)

150mg Natural Caffeine

50mg Astragin (Enhance Ingredient Uptake)

40mg Theobromine (Nootropic / Cognitive Enhancer)