Ghost Gamer Bubblicious Strawberry Splash

Ghost Gamer Bubblicious Strawberry Splash

Bubblicious Strawberry Splash – This flavor debuted in April of 2020 for Legend. The brand decided to bring it back for Legend v2 in 2021 and now carried over to Gamer. At first, you get a dense bubblegum flavor with a strawberry backend aftertaste. The flavoring is pure, dense, and luscious that provides a heavy bubblegum taste. Most may find this unique because you are used to eating bubblegum and not drinking it. This is a fun flavor that is totally different from the Ghost line. If you are a fan of Bubblicious bubblegum this is a pinpoint replica of the candy.

Ghost Gamer mixes with ease. When mixed in a shaker cup or blender bottle it dissolves easily. There is no clumping of particles floating when mixed after a few shakes. It did leave a touch of foam but that went away very quickly. I see no issue with mixing this product as Ghost is very good with Mixability across the board.

Sunday, September 12th
12 PM Central
1 PM Eastern


Per 2 Scoops:
1.6g NooLVL (Inositol Enhanced Bonded Arginine Silicate) – increase performance, accuracy, speed, decision-making, and reaction time
1g Taurine (Improve Performance & Energy Levels)
1g L-Tyrosine (Cognitive Enhancer)
500mg Cognizin Citicoline (Nootropic / Cognitive Enhancer)
500mg Raw Coconut Water Powder (Hydration)
150mg Natural Caffeine
50mg Astragin (Enhance Ingredient Uptake)
40mg Theobromine (Nootropic / Cognitive Enhancer)