Ghost Frosted Sugar Cookie Whey Review

Ghost Frosted Sugar Cookie Whey Protein


Frosted Sugar Cookie – When it comes to limited edition and seasonal protein powders Ghost knows how to strike gold. The mouthfeel is smooth and creamy just as expected from Ghost Whey with the correct amount of vanilla flavor to give you the full experience of a sugar cookie. The kicker is the sugar cookie pieces and holiday sprinkles inclusions to enhance the texture and flavor experience. While the flavor is not over the top sweet it provides the right amount of aftertaste to resemble buttercream frosting. For all my sugar cookie lovers out there, you are going to really enjoy this flavor. If you do not have a sweet tooth this will be a worthy pickup to throw into your current rotation.


I mixed this protein shake with 1 Scoop of the Whey and 4-6oz of cashew milk. This mixed with ease. There was no clumping left in the shake as the powder started to mix hitting the liquid.

When mixed in Greek yogurt (plain) I also found it to mix very easily. There are also no issues when utilized in baking. I find it to help the final product rise very well and make an incredible baked good.


Per Scoop:

150 Calories

2g Fat

7g Carbs

25g Protein

· 14.53 grams of whey protein isolate 90%, yielding 12.5 grams of protein

· 13.16 grams of whey protein concentrate 80%, yielding 10 grams of protein

· 2.98 grams of hydrolyzed whey protein isolate, yielding 2.5 grams of protein


I’m a fan and may need to jump on this…

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That is like asking if you like the steelers…

Bruh :slight_smile:

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I’ll order if it comes with a running game…


haha well I guess you will miss out on the holiday flavor!! Its okay, we got our wake up call, time to crush the rest of the season, and stop being a one dimensional team… Steelers4Life son!!


This looks legit. I’m almost envisioning a Vanilla version of PESelect Frosted Chocolate Cupcake + mixins… which would be a good thing.


ranking in Ghost flavors?

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I would concur with @TheSolution here @cubs1987 - and I really see it on this site in particular that folks are pretty split on flavoring. Now having said that…there are some companies that do an amazing job with flavoring…Ghost is one of them.

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Blueberry Toaster Pastry represent :raised_hands:


Both Pancake Batter Vegans are also amazing – vegan or otherwise.

Cinnamon Cereal Milk is fantastic (even though BFF 80:20 CDC has it beat, IMO).

The rest… I’ve tried most Ghost Wheys and haven’t had a bad one – but let’s just say I’ve listed the ones I consider top-tier. YMMV :smile:


Thank you to @TheSolution for hooking me up with a sample scoop of Ghost Sugar Cookie. Got this in the mail today and was very eager to try it out. Upon sniffing it I did get a faint sugar cookie’ish type smell which was nice. The taste was very very good, it has a nice vanilla type flavor on the front with that strong buttercream flavor on the back end. Honestly it tastes pretty close to a sugar cookie in liquid form, you at least get the idea. I have become less and less of a fan of mix-ins but the cookies pieces and sprinkles in here are very small and did not bother me one bit. I actually just ended up swallowing them as I drank it, and I like seeing sprinkles in my protein powder. Gives it a fun unique style. Overall I really enjoyed this, I will be attempting to purchase this bad boy when it goes live on the 17th. Lately, Ghost flavors have not been on the top of my radar but this one blew me away, and I am glad I got to try it. Trust me, this is the flavor you want!!




That’s from an old review
But then everyone always goes

“Well you stated Chips ahoy was great and it sucked”
“I don’t like blueberry but you rated it high”
Then the subjectivity comes into play

Same with my outright bar reviews
People don’t care for the almond butter bars but they are my favorite

Basing a purchase off what I rank or highlight doesn’t always yield what the end consumer may like. That’s why I rather have the buyer seek their preference and use what I give as a guideline.

clearly from an old review (it’s even linked), but don’t say you don’t do ranking, or it’s suddenly unfair… that’s why they are YOUR rankings, no one else’s, you have always ranked flavors, brah.

And it is unfair when consumers message me stating my rankings are incorrect due to what they bought is not what they expected. Even if they are my rankings it’s always my fault because I was the one who reviewed them. We are all entitled to our own opinion, but it’s becoming a lost cause trying to get across the point of subjectivity in taste.

If someone is inclined to like sugar cookie I would opt to buy it as @DaSlaya pointed out, but if you are not one who likes sweet things there are other options to fit the bill. Prime example is Bang birthday cake. I personally love it, but the majority… not so much.

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Haters gonna hate, man. Just add a “YMMV” disclaimer in the title of the list :smile:

The challenge with rankings is that, at some point, they become impossible when many flavors are equally amazing in their own way. Ghost has probably reached that point if these latest two are as good as they seem. (Enviable problem to have, though.)


Toaster pastry hater gang WW@

I love blueberry poptarts, and to me it tastes like sour berry gummies dissolved into vanilla protein powder. Extremely bizarre taste and I just can’t bring myself to enjoy it.

Still drink it cause like…I bought it, but yeah, not a fan.


Score :muscle: