Ghost Energy Bubblicious Strawberry Splash

Ghost Energy Bubblicious Strawberry Splash


Strawberry Splash - This flavor debuted for Legend in April of 2020. The brand decided to bring it back for Legend v2 in 2021. Now Ghost is launching this flavor in Ghost Energy. At first, you get a dense bubblegum flavor with a strawberry backend aftertaste. The flavoring is pure, dense, and luscious that provides a heavy bubblegum taste. Most may find this unique because you are used to eating bubblegum and not drinking it. This is a fun flavor that is totally different from the others on the Ghost Energy line. If you are a fan of Bubblicious bubblegum this is a pinpoint replica of the candy.

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August 2nd (Monday) – August 6th (Friday)

  •   100 Cans a Day
  •   1 Can per customer
  •   Just pay to ship

** This is a limited-edition flavor, once it sells out it is gone **


V2 Ghost Energy Changes:

Dropped ALCAR for Carnipure LCLT (ALCAR is not stable in liquid solutions for long periods of time)
Changed sources of B Vitamin’s
Dropped Thiamin to improve flavor

200mg Natural Caffeine
1g Taurine (Endurance booster)
1g L-Carnitine L-Tartrate (Metabolism / Natural Energy)
150mg Alpha-GPC (Cognitive booster)
100mg NeuroFactor (Brain health and function)
25mg Astragin (Improve uptake of ingredients)

Ghost energy provides a fully transparent label
Ghost exclusively partnered with Anheuser-Busch to manufacture and distribute the ready-to-drink products.