Ghost Coffee Ice Cream Whey Review

Ghost Coffee Ice Cream Whey Review


Ghost Coffee Ice Cream Whey Review


Coffee Ice Cream – I have had over hundreds of pints of ice cream, and some of the best-flavored coffee ice creams the US has to offer. This tastes almost identical to one of my favorite coffee ice cream bases, which is found in New Orleans Café Au Lait and Beignets. What is truly unique about this flavor is the amount of cold brew you taste in each and every sip. The kicker is the scalded milk aftertaste you get which provides the prefect compliment to a true coffee flavor. There are small little pieces of freeze dried coffee in the batter, but do not make a drastic impact on changing the outcome of how this tastes. For someone like myself who is a huge coffee head this is a hit, and easily rises right to the top of the list of best all-time ghost whey flavors. For those who are not die-hard coffee fans, or do not care for coffee this may be one to think twice about, and stick to the top sellers like Cereal Milk & Blueberry Toaster Pastry. The easiest comparison for those coffee drinkers is a coffee Frappuccino right from Starbucks.


I mixed this protein shake with 2 Scoops of the Whey and 12oz of cashew milk. This mixed with ease. There was no clumping left in the shake as the powder started to mix hitting the liquid.

When mixed in greek yogurt (plain) I also found it to mix with ease. Ghost mixes very similar to a MTS, PES, or typical blend on the market. There are also no issues when utilized in baking. Due to the makeup of the blend of protein this makes it rise very well since it is not heavy in casein (which is better for binding agents like cheesecakes).


Per Scoop:
1.5g Fat
4g Carbs
25g Protein

What you have to love about Ghost is the open label on the whey protein. The only other added ingredients are cellulose and xanthan gum + Sucralose as the sweetener. There is nothing hidden in here. With a very basic formula the greatest inclusion is a Ghost Enzyme to help breakdown the whey for those who may have a slight lactose problem. This will settle very easy and sit well for almost all consumers.

14.53g from WPI
13.15g From WPC
2.98g from Hydro WPI


$39.99 on their main webpage, but you can always find a 20% off coupon. If you have coupons to the 3 letter store you can always get the added discount if you want to shop local. For the price of the open label and flavoring it is more of a unique buy. Think of something you can use on occasion, but maybe a touch too expensive to use on a daily basis. Most people are geared to cost effective whey/whey blends on the market. My best piece of advice is you could half the dosage on the ghost whey and pair with a vanilla protein powder to get the enhancement of the Ghost flavoring.


Think you might have enough tubs of Ghost Whey there?:wink:


I have another 4 tubs too (2 more CM, 1 more PB Cereal Milk + 1 more Blueberry Toaster Pastry). Basically all I use. Flavoring is too damn good.


How do I become a Ghost rep? I just want their protein for free :slight_smile:


Available at Campus Protein? Asking for a friend who loves coffee


If I had known he liked it so much, I would have given him my tub of cereal milk. It tasted bad, I couldn’t finish it, so I threw it away.


I only write in every thread how much I enjoy Ghost Whey. I worked with Dan for over 3 years at cellucor before he started Ghost.

For Cereal Milk I usually mix 1-2 scoops with 8-12oz almond milk and a few ice cubes in my ninja and pour on top of a bowl of cereal.

Even on BB Pancake Crunch I loved it, but better with Blueberry Toaster Pastry


I have to say @TheSolution knows his coffee. Just received this today and it is really really good.


The day I go without a coffee I hurt someone :slight_smile: whenever I travel I always seek out mom and pop coffee shops. I really enjoy it and buy stuff from all over the US


Awesome. Coffee lover here too. I like one dose of my caffeine to be coffee, the other to be whatever supplement I’m testing.

Suggestions on some good beans that don’t break the bank?


I just ordered from Arizona CaveMan Coffee
Very good.

I also like the NeuroRoast I reviewed on this forum with the mushroom extract.