Ghost Clear Whey x Sydney Cummings Summertime Punch

Ghost Clear Whey Summertime Punch


Summertime Punch – Summertime Punch reminds me of a very strong fruit punch. Not only does this give me Kool-Aid vibes, but it has an enhanced orange, citrus, and pineapple flavor. The taste hits you from the first sip all the way into the backend. The melody of flavors really go hand in hand with an underlining lime flavor that gives it the right amount of zest. This is a fantastic athlete collab with Sydney Cummings that will only be around for a short time.

Ghost Clear Whey is very fine in texture due to being a pure isolate. This needs 10-12oz of water but you can use more to dilute to your preference. This does mix a lot easier then whey and vegan due to the thin nature of the protein powder. You should have no issue in a blender bottle or blender when mixing this protein. The only slight issue is the amount of foam when mixed.


May 12th
12 PM Central
1 PM Eastern
** This is a limited-edition product.
** Once it sells out it is gone due to being an athlete collaboration.


Per Scoop:
Calories – 100
0g Fat
1g Carbs
25g Protein
29.06g Delivering 25g of Protein from WPI 90%

Natural Flavors
Turmeric Root Powder
Beet Juice (for color)

Knowing the foam issue, I’m surprised Ghost didn’t say to swirl the powder instead of shaking it to mix as some other brands have done on clear whey.