Ghost Burn Review

Ghost Burn Review

Ghost Burn Review:

It’s one we’ve been waiting for. When Bob broke the news that Dan and company were getting back to a fat burner sku, I knew it would be a huge seller based on company hype alone. You may recall Ghost launched Infrared a couple years back, which was a lesser version of Ghost Burn and came in capsule form. Ghost Burn is an impressive product that can be used as morning pick me up, pre-cardio enhancement, pre-workout substitute, or an intra-workout boost.

The Label:

You will see in a moment, Ghost Burn is a powder that comes with 40 total scoops, with each scoop packing 7.5g of product - which can be spread over 40 half servings or 20 double scoop servings.

Ghost Burn packs both Acetyl L Carnitine and L Carnitine Tartrate, each with 1500mg for a full serving. Put them together and Ghost Burn packs 3000mg of two forms of carnitine. Everyone knows a blended Carnitine product is superior compared to a massive 3000mg dose of L Carnitine Tartrate. We have some reviews on why - so I won’t delve into the science here.

Burn packs Choline, Tyrosine, 300mg of caffeine, and 100mg of NeuroFactor Coffee fruit extract. Add in the Theobromine at 20mg and the high end clincial dose of KSM-66 (highest grade ashwagandha available) at 600mg, Ghost Burn offers powerful nootropic and focus like effects, along side a moderately dosed stimulant base.

As far as a thermogenic effect, Burn packs 40mg of Grains of Paradise, 10mg of BioPerine, and 30mg of Synephrine HCL (Orange Bitter Extract). The thermo effect isn’t as bold as other fat burners, which I appreciate. However, the “burn” is noticeable. There is no uncontrollable sweating that occurs with Ghost Burn. This really strikes the perfect balance of mental cognition, alertness, focus, stimulants, and heat that we all strive to find in a fat burner product. That along with fat loss.


Ghost Burn has three initial flavors: Warheads Sour Watermelon; Warheads Sour Green Apple; and Mango. Dan told me Mango is his favorite, so naturally I went with the flavor king’s recommendation. Here is what a serving looks like in glass:

The first thing I noticed when I drank this, was that the grains of paradise was hardly noticeable. For those who know or have taken products with this ingredient, there is a distinct heat complex that hits your lips, tongue, and throat reminiscent of a raw jalapeno. Ghost Burn masked the heat from the grains of paradise better than any product I have ever tasted. Rather than a spicy drink, Ghost Burn is sweet and flavorful.

The mango flavor is bold with a slight tang. I’m not a huge mango fan but this flavor was one I would buy again. It’s everything you would expect from the Ghost flavor system and very enjoyable to sip on.


As mentioned earlier, there is not an overwhelming thermogenic effect, but certainly enough to make you feel “awake” if taken on an empty stomach or first thing in the morning. I have been taking a half dose, because I am a lower stim guy and want to reserve some caffeine for my preworkout or intra (more on that below - because burn is great for pre-workout or intra-workout as well), but the days I have taken the full dose - the effects have been very pleasant.

I used this as a pre-workout sub for my leg day yesterday and shoulder day this weekend. The energy and tyrosine combo are enough to stim me for the workout, and I added some betaine for some extra endurance (which comes in Ghost Size). In the offseason, I do cardio post workout rather than early morning fasted. I’ll mix half a scoop of Burn alongside my creatine and PeakO2 for intraworkout. By the time I hop on the elliptical (save your knees!), the Burn is working and I can easily dredge a sweat and feel a nice smooth thermo effect kick in.

My personal favorite addition with Ghost Burn is the high end clinical dose of KSM-66. This root is one of my favorite supplements for managing cortisol and stress. It combats common cortisol raising effects that come with using stimulants, and saves me having to buy KSM-66 or a cheaper version of ashwagandha separately.


Is this an awesome product I would use and recommend? Absolutely. If fat loss or cardio enhancement isn’t a priority, than no, I would not. This will be a staple for my morning cardio during my next prep. If you can afford Burn and want an awesome fat burner with great taste - then I encourage you to grab it.

Remember, there is always a 20% off code for Ghost. This is a great product that exceeded my expectations. I know complex fat burners aren’t for everyone, but this is a really unique product and is the first of its kind.


Nice writeup, would make a good 2 scoop am workout supplement for me… soon.jpeg

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Seems like a decent pwo to me. I would use this on a leg day

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Nice review, Matt. Impressed with their work on this product. I would use it


Nice. I threw in a couple samples for our exchange.


thanks man, im staring at your proven egg now, i need to get to mailroom today, sorry for the delay.

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Would expect nothing less from Dan and the company. Great review Matt.

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Well thankfully you could remember that you took it.

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Oh man - baby brain is real.

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I meant the Norvaline.

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Haha. No Norvaline in Burn!

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That build up from Legend though is killer…

(Kidding of course)

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@Mike We are awaiting your findings on L-Norvaline…

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That will be a fun one to see!

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Per the actual scientist who wrote the study, she doesn’t think norvaline is worth taking on its own. Just not enough benefits. I trust her. Have a post to publish some day, just so far behind with all these projects!

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Would be very interested in this, obviously. Considering the fact that both MegaPre and Ghost contain Norvaline.


Send me all your suppz with Novaline Bill, I’ll put them to good use lol

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I said that to him weeks ago too :). Great mind haha


You may not recall getting it


We are four weeks into using this every other day. I really love the euphoric effect and the slight thermo properties of this product.

I’ve stacked it with some nitrates and used as a pre w/o. Very clean energy and great mental focus.