Ghost BCAA v2 Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry

Ghost BCAA Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry


Sour Patch Kids Blue Raspberry – Ghost is very good at replicating the famous Sour Patch Kids candy into their products. The blueberry flavor is pure, nothing artificial, and has a strong long-lasting after taste. Right out of the gate the density of the flavor hits your taste buds and leaves a lingering slightly tarter raspberry taste that is incredibly ripe. While this is not an overpowering flavor, the brand found a happy medium to enjoy your pre-workout without having to slam it down. If you enjoy a luscious blue raspberry flavor this one really fits the bill. Between this and Sour Patch Kids redberry I would give this one the upper hand due to the overall density of the flavor.


The Ghost BCAA’s are a very fine powder that mixes with ease. Upon shaking a few times, it is fully dissolved. I mixed this product with 1-2 scoops in 12-24oz of water and the taste are very refreshing and dense. Even if you do not have a blender ball I don’t see this giving any issues with clumps or floating particles in your shaker cup.


7g Vegan fermented BCAA’s

3.5 Instantized Leucine

1.75g Instantized Iso-Leucine

1.75g Instantized Valine

25mg Astragain (Increase amino acid absorption)

Changes from V1 Ghost BCAA

  •   V2 upgrades from 6g to 7g BCAA’s
  •   BCAA are now vegan fermented
  •   Price slightly lowered