Ghost Apple Cider Doughnut Whey Review

Ghost Apple Cider Doughnut Whey Review


Apple Cider Doughnut - This is a really unique seasonal protein flavor. A cider in general can provide a crisp, tangy, sweet, bold, or elegant taste. With the popular fall drink of apple cider Ghost was able to capture the sweet and crisp apple flavor with the backend doughnut that kicks in. The cinnamon sugar and buttery doughnut flavor is present as the flavor tickles on your tastebuds The combination is fantastic when paired with the small inclusions of pastry pieces in the formula. The inclusions help paint the picture of replicating the fall seasonal dessert in typical Ghost fashion. While the inclusions are so small they do not cause any big clumps or issues when mixing in a blender bottle or mixing in a blender.


Ghost Whey mixes with ease. I use around 6-8oz of water or almond milk for 1 scoop of the product. I did not see any leftover powder sitting at the bottom or clumps in my shaker bottle. Ghost Whey is light in nature, so there is usually never an issue with mixing as a shake, protein pudding or used in baking.

September 27th
12 PM Central
1 PM Eastern
** This is a global launch ** ** This is a limited edition product **


Per Scoop:
Calories – 140
2g Fat
6g Carbs
25g Protein 14.53g from WPI delivering 12.5g protein
13.15g From WPC delivering 10g protein
2.98g from Hydro WPI delivering 2.5g protein
Digestive Enzymes are used to help breakdown the whey for those who may have a slight lactose problem.