Genomyx AMP Citrate… Contains No AMP Citrate?!

While updating our AMP Citrate / DMBA article to include a new research study, we noticed one glaring issue from the study: Genomyx AMP Citrate contained no AMP Citrate! You can see this below in a screenshot from the study[1]: Only in the supplement industry do you fail at breaking …
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What the hell I have this stuff, God knows what I actually have been taking this whole time!!!

Well hopefully you have a good batch, and hopefully Genomyx can release the batch / lot numbers that were in this bad batch.

But who knows...

Ive tried getting ahold of them they dont seem to be in the mood to answer questions right now I wonder why!

I'm not sure, but I would *guess* that their lawyers are having them stay quiet until they have a course of action and know how widespread the problem really is. Stay tuned... but definitely buzz us at if you ever hear anything before us!

Jeez yeah, well lets hope its nothing to crazy seeing I'm a drug tested professional...

Honestly Kyle, AMP Citrate will likely be banned by WADA in no time at all anyway, so be careful with *any* products that have it in there.

Make sure you keep up to date with what WADA (or whoever your governing body is)

no wonder, i felt absolutely zilch from this crap. never again

any news on what was in the genomyx amp citrate? already own a tub so may aswell use it up

Unfortunately, no, there was no update.

My suggestion would be to contact Genomyx with the batch / lot # and ask if it's a good one.

There's a couple of other AMP Citrate products available (and still a lot of DMAA out there) if you're feeling nothing from it. If you're feeling it, then you might have gotten a good tub, but who knows...

yeah im feeling it, I use them occasionally and definitely feel a boost when stacking with caffeine or other low stim pre workouts.
going to purchase a different product with amp citrate in as soon as ive used them up.