GBB (Gamma-Butyrobetaine Ethyl Ester): Super Carnitine That Makes You Sweat?!

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If you follow PricePlow, you’ve likely tried a carnitine-based supplement in the past. We love L-carnitine supplements — there’s an incredible amount of data supporting them for metabolism, performance, recovery, and overall health. But sometimes we’re looking for a different way to approach a situation, want different effects, or are… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

If you are making a capsule use this, otherwise ALCAR is just better.

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This. Or LCLT depending on what you want out of your carnitine. Or PLCAR for that matter. I don’t see ANY reason why LGBB would be superior to carnitine in terms of maximally efficacy, only in saving space in a formula (caps like you mentioned; you’re looking at a fraction of one cap vs 2+ caps for carnitine). The people who make it even say that it’s as effective as carnitine, and that the benefit is that it can be better tolerated. So, logically, if you tolerate carnitine fine and don’t need to save space, just go with carnitine.

Also, a presentation/document by the people who make it claim that’s 50-100mg is equivalent to 3g l-carnitine; how is 25mg being pushed as the ideal/optimal dose. Wouldn’t that be equivalent to 750-1500mg carnitine?

I’m not convinced that benefit is exclusive to the form to be honest.(To be clear the androgen receptor density benefit of LCLT)

I imagine 50-100 mg makes you too sweaty.

Let me get to my laptop and I’ll give some reasons why you may sometimes want a different form than ALCAR. Also, if profuse sweating gets to the point of prohibiting ideal dosing, that’s a pretty big flaw IMO. The people who make it recommend 150mg/day for athletes; if 50mg is going to cause too much sweating, then they sort of have an ingredient with adverse effects that limit its use IMO.

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I have to agree with this, although I am someone who likes the additional sweat

FYI, they’re citing infant research for the 300% thing. For adults, plasma carnitine was raised a bit under 2x after some time.

They also have direct financial interest in the dosing whereas we do not… so we keep it conservative until we see more human data. This is the dose that seems to get enough people going (and even some annoyed if they don’t like the sweating).

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