Gaspari Proven Egg Review

Gaspari Proven Egg Review

Gaspari Proven Egg Protein


Chocolate - Upon opening the tub the aroma is extremely strong and rich for a chocolate protein. I have never had an egg protein before, but after mixing and trying it I was pleasantly surprised. Right away the flavor is dense and packs a luscious milk chocolate initial taste. What I did notice is small vibes of an egg undertone from the egg white protein inclusion. Granted stevia is very hard to flavor, but with how clean of a profile Gaspari went within the egg protein they did a great job masking the raw materials. The best part about this protein is how easy it settles compared to regular whey. You will find yourself digesting this protein with ease. A top-tier formula is not always easy to flavor, and that runs for any product in the supplement industry. Given the ingredient profile, Gaspari did a very good job on flavoring this chocolate to give you impressive tasting chocolate.


Gaspari Proven Egg mixes on the thick side due to being an egg protein powder. This is typical for other companies who manufacture egg protein. I would consider adding 8-10oz per scoop to find a good powder/liquid ratio. Some may prefer upward to 12-14 if you enjoy a thin protein shake. This is fantastic when mixed with yogurt to make a protein pudding. That is my number one way to use this product for a sludge-like consistency.


Per Scoop:
110 Calories
0g Fat
2g Carbs
25g Protein

egg white
sunflower lecithin
natural cocoa and chocolate flavor
stevia (Sweetener)


Gaspari Proven Egg retails at $47.99 for a 2lb option. When you apply a 20% off rep code (Doug20) that drops the price to $38.40 per container. Given you are getting one of the highest biological forms of protein it is still an expensive buy at around $1.40 per scoop.


• Fantastic Macro Content
• Very clean Profile
• Dairy Free
• Thick Mixability


• Cost per serving compared to whey, isolate, or a blend.
• Stevia leaves a slight aftertaste.


thanks Bob… I was extremely happy how the flavoring turned out! Nice rich Coco taste, and i prefer a thicker shake as well.


Back in the day when I started training, egg protein powders were quite common. Not so much now. Kind of nice to see it make a comeback.


Aside from the price point, I’m really considering this


I’d grab some if it were on sale


$38.40 per container, is very competitive with most 2 lb tubs of quality brands (from what I see)

i legit love the product… i’d tell ya, if it wasn’t good, Gaspari or not.

let me see maybe i can get a giveaway thread for a tub or 2 here, in exchange for a review.


Definitely intrigued by this as I don’t think I ever had a straight egg based protein either. Plus it’s great to see something new from Gaspari and can’t wait to see what else is up the company’s sleeves for the rebirth. :smiley:

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@blongo804 got some things cooking in the lab.

Thanks for the review, Bob! Nice overview of the product and in comparison to other protein sources such as whey.

Also lol’d at the discount code


Hah. If I grab some, I’ll use your code and show you some love. That way Doug isn’t the only one to cash in. ; )


You guys making any sample packs? Would prefer to try before dropping $40


Good guy Matt :wink:

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not atm… no.

ghetto sample?


I’d take a ghetto sample


Hell I haven’t had an egg protein (Supplement form) since What was it…Chef Jay’s egg protein? Used to use that as a teen. Cost so much money in the long run though


You’d really like this one with that in mind. The value is on point and the flavoring is A+ if you’re a chocolate fan.


This stuff bakes with ease.

Cheesecake Swirled Chocolate Loaves

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Post it to IG and tag Gaspari and Gaspari kitchen


Will tag tonight sir and I’ll add you

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Chocolate Salted Caramel Swirled Donuts