Gaspari Proven Egg Review - Chocolate

Gaspari Proven Egg Review - Chocolate

This is my first full egg protein, so wasn’t sure what to expect. Opening the tub you get a whiff of cocoa, so that’s a good sign. Very simple ingredients list and sweetened with stevia, for those that are not fans of artificial sugar substitutes

Mixability: Mixes great with no clumps whatsoever. I used 6 oz of water, there is some foam, which I expected.

Taste: Initial taste for me was a sweet dense chocolate with a slight salty aftertaste. Flavor is very well balanced and enjoyable. It’s a unique chocolate flavor, which is great, since chocolate and vanilla are pretty played out. They could of even called it Lightly Sea Salted Chocolate to capture that millennial audience everyone is after😁.

Overall: This is something I would definitely buy to mix things up or stock up on when it’s on promo. Seems like it would also be great to make pancake,etc. Will need to try the Salted Caramel, which others have said is even better. Great product by the @GaspariNutrition team


Damn good review with pictures! Haha I hear you with that flavor name suggestion, definitely a little bit of saltiness in there due to the natural egg whites. Thanks for the kind words and glad you were able to get a tub.


Thanks for the time and review…

I been using Proven Egg as my morning shake, my stomach handles it so much better than whey.

Looking forward to seeing more reviews up here, from Dan’s promo.

Glad you enjoyed.

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It looks a it foamy? @Dougefresh93 and @GaspariDan - any words on whether or not it gets foamy when shaken? Could be a blender ball… I don’t know.


I did use a shaker and there was foaming. I expected that though, since same thing happens if you shake egg whites lol


@Msseffect nailed it. There is some foaming, but it’s just a factor that goes along with shaking egg whites regardless. Shouldn’t affect drinkability or mixing though.


Yah - not a deal breaker at all. Just curious and suspected the same as well. I would be blown away if anyone could someone create a mixability without any foaming from egg whites.