Gaspari Proven EAAs Review - Guava Nectarine

Gaspari Proven EAAs Review - Guava Nectarine

Hi all. This is a review on a tub of Gaspari’s new Proven EAAs supplement that I won in a promo thanks to @Dougefresh93 . Here’s the label.

Here’s a pic of the tub, scooper, and shaker mixed with 10 oz water.

Kuddos to Gaspari for not having a huge tub with it half full. You can see that it does foam up a lot which is to be expected with an amino acid supplement. The first time drank it, I let the foam settle for about 15-20 minutes. Along with foam settling, a lot of the powder settled as well. There was a lot of sediment at the end. So the last time I drank it was right after shaking it vigorously. The sediment was still there but not as bad. So mixability could definitely be improved. Knowing this I took a pic of my shaker after drinking it this last time. You can see the sediment in the shaker.

I also used it intra workout with 32oz water. Mixability was not an issue here.

Coming to flavor, damn is it tasty. It is not overly sweet. You get a good nectarine aftertaste. I would say to mix it in ice cold water as this makes the flavor pop more. I don’t think I’ve ever had a Guava flavored supplement but I know that I like it now. Sparta makes a Mango Nectar flavored Hydra8 BCAA. I would compare it to this only Sparta’s flavor is sweeter and bolder, love this flavor as well. Drinking it in 32oz water was also enjoyable and refreshing. The flavor strength was still good at 32oz.

Coming to price, @tmotes said he saw this for $30 making it competitively priced. With 30 servings, this makes it a good value since you are getting all of the EAAs and not just BCAAs. Plus you are getting good quality BCAAs with them being fermented vegan. And you are getting some ingredients for hydration. If you are a believer of EAAs, then I highly recommend picking up a tub of Proven EAAs - Guava Nectarine!


thanks for the review bro, looking at your pics, made me think “i legit don’t own a clear shaker cup”


Another A+ review here with the pics and detailed points. Agreed on the ice cold water, gotta have that. Can’t believe how good this one tastes.