Gaspari Egg Protein Proves Delicious

Gaspari Egg Protein Proves Delicious

Hot damn! I think this is actually the first Gaspari product I’ve tried, or it may have been an amino product, but regardless, a big thanks to @GaspariDan for the hookup. I received the chocolate flavor, and it is a good one.

Phenomenal. That’s it. It’s a rich chocolate flavor that definitely has a hint of salt to it, which I absolutely love. I’m one of those people who over-salt everything, so I absolutely love the hint of it with the chocolate. The chocolate flavor itself is very rich while also being exceptionally smooth. I would definitely describe it as more of a darker chocolate, which is right up my alley, making this flavor perfect for me, as well as absolutely delicious. I’ve found my sweet spots to be: 5oz with water, but not preferable. 10oz of skim milk. Relatively decent but texture is slightly off. And 8oz of almond milk. This is the absolute best one, where texture and flavor are both great.


No offense to Suppz, which is where I got this shaker, but it’s frankly one of my crappier ones. It doesn’t actually have a blender ball, just a removable piece at the top. Nevertheless, you can see it mixes fairly well with only 8oz of liquid. When using a blender bottle, it mixes much better. Very slight foaming, but honestly a negligible amount.

With how clean this is, it competes well with whey isolates, having only 110 calories for 25 grams of protein. While I don’t personally care too much, this is a great option for people looking for super clean proteins.

Final Thoughts
First off, sorry it took so long for the review! Traveling and all that. But, for a proper first impression of Gaspari Products, this has been a great one. I’ve been struggling with a lot of proteins recently, as I just can’t find one that I genuinely enjoy drinking, aside from Syntha-6 Coldstone, but they’re quite expensive and won’t be too plausible when dieting. This, on the other hand, will be added into my regular lineup, as it was the best chocolate flavor I have ever tried. I also quite enjoyed the breakdown of different proteins on the tub and their respective data

Like I said, this was a great product, and I will have to try the Salted Caramel flavor ASAP. Thanks again to the Gaspari reps for the opportunity to try!


Great review! I actually loved chocolate more than Salted Caramel- thanks again to @Dougefresh93 for that hook up.


Thank you for the detailed review… I am not a big chocolate fan, but really enjoyed Proven Egg far more than even I expected!


This, on the other hand, will be added into my regular lineup, as it was the best chocolate flavor I have ever tried.

^ and all natty flavored too! That’s awesome to read!

Just shared the link with Rich Gaspari now.


Very, very impressive review here @Anthony! Detailed on every aspect - we couldn’t ask for a more thorough experience with the product. Don’t worry about taking so long to review. Just wanted to make sure everyone remembered the plan.

I’d agree that it tastes like a dark chocolate, and I also think that I go with 8oz of milk for each scoop after testing it out.

The fact that you said that this is added to your regular lineup since it’s the best chocolate flavor you’ve tried means A LOT. We really appreciate your detail here, your time, and hope to be able to get you some Salted Caramel in the future!


@GaspariDan @Dougefresh93

No problem! I know that personally, I couldn’t see myself just trying out an egg protein on a whim, as whey has always been what I’m comfortable with. My goal for this review was to convince someone who would be in a similar mindset to myself, before trying this, that giving it a shot is a good investment