Gaspari Anavite Multivitamin Powder Review

Gaspari Anavite Powder Review


Orange - The reps have stated this tastes like Tang. The flavoring is strong on this product when I first mixed 1 scoop in 12oz of water. There is a slight aftertaste to this, but the initial flavoring is very pure. Think a mixture of a Flinstone gummy and orange tang. Multi-vitamins are very hard to flavor. A company has to mask a bunch of vitamins and minerals (like a greens product), which is not an easy feat. I had a feeling there may be some aftertaste or bitterness to the multi, but the overall flavoring is above what I expected. Hats off to Gaspari on flavoring a multi that is enjoyable to drink.


Anavite powder - The reps suggest to dose 1 scoop in 8-12oz of water. As with most multi-vitamins you should split your dosage in the morning and PM. The mixability leaves a bit of powder stuck at the bottom of the shaker cup, but that is to be expected. Multi’s are very hard to make a fine powder of due to the makeup of the profile. I expected this, but overall for a multi it mixes much smoother then the CL Orange Triad + Greens…


Some key notes between the powder and the tablet version of Anavite:
• Removed artificial colors used in the tablet coating
• Increased Vitamin D3 levels by 400%
• Switched Vitamin B6 source from pyridoxine HCl to pyridoxal-5’-phosphate for improved bioavailability
• Increased calcium by 300%, to support bone development and health
• Increased magnesium by 100%,
• Raised potassium dose by 100% to support nerve function and alkalinity
• Switched all minerals to Albion chelated forms for improved absorption and bioavailability
What makes Anavite Unique?
Beta Alanine (1.6g) - Performance & Endurance
L-Carnitine (1g) - increased vasodilation, nitric oxide levels and androgen receptor density, as well as enhanced recovery
Boron (25mcg) - support optimal neuronal function and alleviate joint inflammation


The product averages $25 for 60 scoops. Which is a very affordable product. Most Multi-Vitamins that are capped may be cheaper because you do not have to pay for flavoring. That is something you have to put into the equation when deciding on what you want to pay for in the grand scheme of things. For people who hate caps this is a cost effective buy. Lets also realize you get the unique aspects of BA, Carnitine and Boron additions.


Thanks for the review Bob.

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There’s no coloring added? Is the orange color from the vitamins then? You listed boron as 25mg, it should be mcg. Thanks for the review!

I did not add any orange coloring or colors to the mixture of the powder & water… I just put 8-12oz in my shaker cup and mixed a scoop.
You may want to ask @Dougefresh93 about the orange color since it is “naturally flavored” but the powder is an orange color in the container.
MCG is correct in the review

I didn’t mean that you added any, I meant that I didn’t see coloring listed on the label anywhere. From the picture you took, it has a pretty bold color, I was just wondering if you knew where the color came from. I assume it’s the riboflavin and beta carotene.

Ill let the reps chime in as I tagged Douge for you. I rather get you the correct answer then try and make an assumption or guess and be wrong. All the other reviewers I have seen use it have a distinct orange color as well.

No problem, I understand, and thank you!

Thanks for the the review!

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Could be a number of things but more or likely it’s the combo of carotenoids along with the reaction of minerals to citric acid which can turn an amberish color.

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