Fullblitz + Vasoblitz (Fuseblitz) Review

Fullblitz + Vasoblitz (Fuseblitz) Review

Final Review:

Fullblitz Blue Raspberry + Vasoblitz Rainbow Candy


-I noticed that using 2 scoops of fullblitz had a bit of foam and also a bit of particles in shaker even when using a blender bottle. The best thing is to let it sit like 10 minutes to fully dissolve, but dosing at 1:1 with vasoblitz what I call fuseblitz the drink mixed instantaneously. The fullblitz is packed! With goodies. That scoop is significantly larger than vasoblitz and is what causes some foaming and longer to dissolve.

“Picture showing fullblitz, nice blue color tone, and a bit of foaming”

*Taste: very light and not chemical or overly synthetic. Light and refreshing. It seems that it has been slightly improved over vasoblitz but i am going off memory. The best flavor you can get with 2 scoops is 6oz of cold water. Very refreshing and flavorful. The majority of my dosing was 1:1 with vasoblitz at 8oz and the flavor is nice. Really light candy like flavor and you get a purple drink!

“Picture showing fuseblitz, great purple color, no mixing issues”


-The effects definitely changed as I continued using it. I was not using beta alanine before and had a long heavy stim break, so this drink really hit me hard with the itchy tingles. I say that by 2nd-3rd week it decreased a lot but still got some spikes here and there. Even at 1:1 mixing, the BA tingles were strong.

-The yohimbe also was noticeable at first but over time I started noticing a hot feeling in my muscles that I was working out; And this was at 1:1 dosing. It was awesome but then that went away as I got closer to being done with the tub.

-I didn’t notice any real strength increase, but what I did notice was the mind muscle connection and focus to keep going. The best part is that it was not overly stimulated at 1:1. At 2 scoops it was tremendous because the energy is clean and you don’t get a crash. With 2 scoops afternoon on my Fridays, I would stay up real late so it’s great when I would go out for the night.

-The pumps were interesting. When I first started using it I would feel my respiratory system open up and my breathing-in felt cold. After a couple weeks, it went away. It must have been the nitrates. The best part about vaso and fullblitz is that it the pumps and mind muscle connection DO NOT STOP! You always feel it and you aren’t putting a bunch of stimulants in your body like other preworkouts with DMHA, etc. For me at 1:1 AND 2 scoops, blood would flow into muscles during warmups almost immediately.

-My preferred method of dosing this and to get the most out of the preworkout is with 800+ mg of sodium and a good potassium balance (for example a banana for me) throughout the day, 50-70 g carbs prewokout approximately 2-2:30 hours pre, and at least 40-60oz of water by the time I dosed it.


Awesome write up, detail, and review!
Hope to see you around the PP boards more often!


calling it Fuseblitz wins… Love it.