Fudge Brownie Protein Bar (PEScience Select Bar)

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Can you really put the word good in the same sentence with protein bar ? LOL

Showing your age too much brother, it’s a new day. With all the choices out there , companies are forced to make good tasting products

With these? Yep!!!

Fiber content and amount of whey concentrate may make you gassy, but I’d honestly rather eat one of these than an actual brownie at this point. Tastes nearly the same and the chew factor makes it last longer

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I have tried a lot of these newer bars that are claimed to be good and I still don’t like them. They need to keep working to make these things tolerable.

You mean the Sugar Alcohols = Make you gassy.
No thanks on how much they put in there.

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That too. I don’t have problems with those as much as the concentrates though. I been meaning to try a bunch of different ones solo to see how each one affects blood glucose levels for me