FREEZinda! Turn Any Whey Protein into Protein ICE CREAM!

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Get ready to turn any protein powder into a tasty frozen dessert / ice cream with FREEZINda. We love our protein shakes, but sometimes drinking them gets boooooring! So how about some protein ice cream!!! Enter FREEZINda, a dessert replacement for all individuals who drink whey protein shakes but want… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

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I just mix yogurt, almond milk with protein and freeze them. Best frozen yogurt ever.

Freezinda provides much more volume and a better texture then doing the old school way or using a cuisineart ice cream maker to make ice cream.

I personally like Yogurt + Whey and freeze (nice volume). but the addition of freezinda makes it that much better. If you have the spare carbs its nice, its not too expensive either, but honestly its more of an “impulse” buy and a “want” then a need.