FREEZiNda protein ice-cream mix review

FREEZiNda protein ice-cream mix review


A while back I asked what I should do with my left over tub of hydrolyzed whey protein isolate and FREEZiNda suggested their product and offered me a sample, I accepted and a few days later I get 5 packets, a full box of them basically, which was very generous of them.

Attempt one
I decided to try making a serving with some left over myprotien casein that I love, but won’t buy more of due to my experiences with their customer support.
Sadly the instructs don’t work well for pure casein and it didn’t turn out well, had to dilute it down 50% to even mix it, after it was frozen it was a block, after it melted down a bit it was edible but had the texture of refrozen ice cream.

Attempt 2 with BSN syntha 6(chocolate)
Syntha 6 is another interesting one as it is “the kitchen sink” of protein powders, it has everything, a protein blend, MCTs, sunflower oil, 5 grams of fiber and an impressive nearly 50% protein by weight!
The chocolate shake taste decent but has a semi off aftertaste, its good but doesn’t quite live up to the hype, still it was on sale.
Now this one turned out allot better and I am surprised at how decent the texture is. You can actually put a spoon in it!
I may have to mix it a bit more as the dry pack’s contents didn’t dissolve all too well but its still quite good.

Formula, and cost.
The formula is comprised on a few different ingredients, each packet is 3 servings comprised a total of ~30 grams of glycerin in a liquid packet ~17 grams of erythitol, and a blend of ~ 3 grams of some thickeners
Its a fairly simple formula and uses the less major types of sugar alcohol so unless you are very sensitive it shouldn’t be a problem. Also the blend does make the protein a bit sweeter
The biggest issue I see is the price, its 3$ a packet, which is really hard to justify for most, still if you want a protein icecream this is probably the most cost effective way of getting it outside of making it yourself. I still would urge the company to lower the price down to 2$ a packet, at which point I would easily recommend and buy it. Get it onto some of the bigger supplement stores and hand out sample packs and I think this has a good chance.

My Tips
Use milk, it makes it taste better in my limited experience.
You can use a strainer to get rid of the chunks if your protein doesn’t mix well, you can mash them up and they will mix.
If you are using a blend maybe mix the dry packet in first.

I have 3 packets left, I don’t think I will be using them with the WPI or other proteins I have due to the taste, so if any company wants some cheap promotion send me a sample and I can try it out with this.


Wow thanks! @freezinda check it out.

My only thing is that it’d be nice if you tried a lower-carb / lower-fat pure whey, if you have one. You’re using some thick ass proteins with that stuff!!


I sadly do not have one(at least not one thats good enough to use on a product too expensive for me to get more of), looking at how its made it looks like a normal low fat whey should work pretty well.
If I get a sample of something good I will make sure to try it out for you.
Maybe I’ll check grocery outlet for something cheap.


Thank you so much @Christianmelon,

Really appreciate your feedback :slight_smile: As our company grows we will do our best to work on pricing!

We’re in the process of letting customers know that using a blender may help achieve the best possible consistency instead of stirring/shaking. Also, that FREEZINda will work best with protein powders that contains whey. We’ll certainly look at better formula that may work with casein :slight_smile:


PS: We just messaged you with a code for more free samples if you want some more.


Casein might be tricky given how thick it is, but do tell me if you come up with anything!

Also thank you for the extra samples!


How about some samples this way…:slight_smile:


I’ve used this with Ghost Whey Cereal Milk, May try it with almond milk. Came out pretty good. Not exactly like creamy ice cream, but a fun protein snack for sure.

I have some dymatize iso-100 I’m going to use it with soon. Chocolate coconut protein ice cream sounds good to me :sunglasses:


Just sent you a code for free samples @Brawn :slight_smile: Thanks for your interest!

@Clipper83 The dymatize iso was one of our favorites! Took a couple individual packets for testing :slight_smile: