Free Samples of FREEZinda: Turn Your Whey Into Ice Cream!

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Ten lucky people get a free sample from FREEZinda this week!! PricePlow and FREEZinda are teaming up for a most excellent giveaway: Free FREEZinda! This is a product that can turn any whey protein into high-protein ice cream! So now you can turn your craziest flavors of whey protein into… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Been seeing this on IG, looks pretty interesting

I will vouch for it
Check my review here:

if you don’t mind the extra carbs. It makes a much larger ice cream compared to mixing yogurt + Whey and throwing in the freezer.

In the form of sugar alcohols though… for better or for worse depending on your body and goals! How bad does this spike blood sugar for me, I need to find out.

Thats the thing. The old one bars CRUSHED my stomach due to the sugar alcohols. When they re did them and have included about half now they are much more tolerate, so that is why I take caution with those things.

As far as spiking BG goes… I do take monitor readings weekly, and the freezinda did this.

Before meal 78
1 Hour after 88
2 hours after 84

Just to help you out.

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Even with the Whey? That’s impressive! I’m excited now.

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