Free Sample of Performax Labs HyperMax Pre Workout!

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Performax Labs just relaunched their hit pre workout, HyperMax and they want you to sign up for a Free Sample! Performax Labs and PricePlow have some great news — the new version of their pre workout supplement, HyperMax is now out, and today you can get a free sample of… …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

Did anyone receive their free sample yet? I signed up for it but still haven’t actually received anything. Just wondering, thanks!

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Asked about this in the Sparta Nutrition Sample Giveaway thread (still haven’t gotten those either :thinking: ), Mike emailed Performax and they said that manufacturing the samples ran into some issues and they’re behind schedule on that, and to make up for it they’d be sending everyone extra samples whenever they get done.

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What if you don’t have social media? Is there another way to get a free sample?

I can probably put your address in manually

I still haven’t gotten any from them. Anyone else?

Following up with Performax again.

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Nothing on my end either.

The sample packs still aren’t in stock on their website either, so I’m assuming that manufacturing is being a bit of an Ordeal.

Got a response:

As for samples, our manufacturing partner has been bogged down but I am told everything will be completed this week! Its kind of out of my hands but doing my best to stay on top of this, I apologize for the huge delay.

…and for the most awesome part:

We will be sending everyone samples of HyperMax, VasoMax, OxyMax, NootropiMax and IntraMax, so I am positive everyone should be happy!

Damn, that’s nice!! So hang in there folks!

But so there’s no more upset people, I’ve been asked to shut the sample form down, so don’t freak out!


Whoa, the slew of samples more than makes up for the delay!

Agreed, can’t complain about that :sweat_smile:

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Any updates on this?

No :frowning:


Yep!! Just re-sent them the entire report and everyone who submitted for this will be receiving!!


Ayyy, better late than never, my samples came in today! Will be trying HyperMax for deadlift day today.


Jealous, still haven’t received mine :frowning:

Ya, allot of the free samples they had I never got, including the sparta ones.

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Same… They don’t always come through, but it is not like we paid for it. So I guess we just got unlucky. Happens right!?

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