Free Enfinity-Powered EuphoriQ Samples from MuscleTech!

Originally published at: Free Enfinity-Powered EuphoriQ Samples from MuscleTech!

Heads up! We recently introduced MuscleTech’s iQ Supplement Series, featuring the new stimulant from Ingenious Ingredients, enfinity (paraxanthine). Now, while supplies last, MuscleTech would like to give you a sample of the new enfinity-powered pre-workout supplement, EuphoriQ: Go to to claim your EuphoriQ sample! Get em while you can!.. …(Read more on the PricePlow Blog)

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I got the goodies, included 5 samples!


Same, will be using next weekend

Same, pretty great flavor and effects. Muscletech has some pretty great products that I’ve tried, including that Vapor preworkout

I’ll be taking mine for a spin on Friday and Saturday. Back focused upper body, then glute/ham focused lower body.

10 sets of deadlifts… The true gauntlet to test a pre.

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Hopefully mine comes soon. It sounds interesting. What exactly did they send as far as variations and flavors?

I received five samples, all the same flavor

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Used the first sample today.

Can’t say anything really stood out about the product but it wasn’t bad by any measure. Good energy, average pump, no crash and nice focus.

I think this would be a good deal if it were between a dollar to dollar fifty per serving.

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Well mine finally showed up. They only sent me one measly sample in Watermelon Candy flavor. Guess I’ll save it for a special occasion, LMFAO.

More companies should sell a sample pack option along side their regular tubs. I’d rather buy 30 full dosed individual serving sample packs than a 30 serving tub.

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If the formula is around $1.50 to $2.00 a serving in the tub, would you be willing to pay $3.00 to $4.00 a serving for individual packets?

Most would probably balk at that price point, especially right now.

I’d be willing to pay the same price but not more. I could be wrong, but I think that sample packets would be around the same price or cheaper to produce. Simply due to the fact that most companies use to liberally give them away for free. Seems like the packaging would be cheaper.

Hell up until a couple years ago I had a whole drawer full of samples that I got for free. Now I only have 4-5 samples left and a whole drawer of full tubs, lmao…

Single serving packs are far more expensive to produce than tubs, which is why so few companies do them on a consistent basis.


I felt the same way about my sample only the energy was better than good for me. It seemed to hit hard and fast. At 15 minutes, I felt 95% of the energy hit. Another 5 minutes and I was full throttle. My performance seemed to wain last third of my workout. I’ll be adding 2g more citrulline. Then add 1g agmatine if it’s a pump day.

If they just made an energy product with the stim/nootropic blend, I think I’d be all over that.

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Learn something new everyday. I never would have thought that they would be more expensive to make.

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Think of it this way. One large tub filled in one shot vs 30 individual packets filled piece by piece then each has to be sealed then packed into another container (box, bag etc.).

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