Free Elevate Coffee (Infused with Both forms of DMHA and PEA)

Free Elevate Coffee (Infused with Both forms of DMHA and PEA)
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One of our power users emailed this to me:

LOL bunch of normies taking this not realizing why they’re all loving it so much. Got both forms of DMHA in it!!


This is definitely interesting but is this really a good idea?


I think that is the first time anyone in the supplement industry has asked that.


I like the ingenuity, but like he said…the “normies” don’t realize why they love this. Possible bad idea :joy:


If it’s a bad idea, but it works, it’s not a bad idea


Well adderall, vyvanse, and prescription pain killers work. Look where that got us


Not saying I wouldn’t try it, but this worries me if the general public have access to it without knowing what they’re taking. I hope to god this isn’t being sold in grocery chains


More of a light-hearted joke than a real commentary, but you’re right on the potential dangers, especially when the dosages on the stims are hidden


Lmao mine was more of a joke too, but I agree. Both forms plus everything else in a prop blend? Not to mention when I drink coffee, it’s not one cup…


Maybe just take this to kickstart the morning, then go with regular coffee. I quite like the idea, since I’m not a fan of drinking pre’s for energy throughout the day like our PP boys, I rather would be having coffee, although it isn’t always strong enough. This seems to be a nice medium, assuming you don’t go overboard with it


Exactlyyyyyyyyy! I actually requested a sample to try through the link, so hopefully they actually send it


I’m actually in the same exact boat. I get two doses of caffeine per day (three if things have been really rough), and one of them is always coffee for the benefits.