Forskolin-95+ by PEScience: Increased cAMP abounds!

The fat-burning pros at PEScience are back at it again! Just a few months ago, PES released their caffeine free, ultra-stackable fat burner, Shift. Now, the brand is expanding their horizon once again with their Superior Essentials of products. Forskolin-95+ is the first in this new line of products that …
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Which one would you recommend to take with alphamine although i have both supps, Shift or 95+? Also taking LCLT(i like the feeling i get from it)

It depends on your stimulant tolerance. Shift is more aggressive/powerful since it has stuff like synephrine inside. It will be the more potent option, but if that's too much stim for you, then Forskolin alone is the way to go.

LCLT rules, no doubt. 2g/day is where the best studies are at.

Thanks for commenting!

Thanks Mike, Guess I'll Stick with Shift

why do other forskolin products have more mg like hydroxyelite which has 100mg. is only taking 50mg going to be enough?

I'm confused - HydroxyElite doesn't have any Forskolin at all.

But in Forskolin-95+, this is a 95% standardization of coleus forskohlii - so 0.95*50mg = 47.5mg of actual forskolin.

Look at other products, and they either won't tell you, or it will be a 20% standardization. 100mg coleus @ 20% standardization only makes for 20mg of actual forskolin. This is why open labeling and quality standardization is important!

Should you take them at separate times or together val

Space them out if possible!